Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today in my Child Welfare class..

It sorta happened like this:

1. Professor warned us that the material covered today would be really rough, but to stick it out anyway. (he looks exactly like Mr. Clean.. and always wears diamond earrings..but has the most tender heart of anyone i've ever known.)

2. "Today we will be learning how to identify the stages of bruising on a child." (awful, i know)

3. Sad pictures of abused children were pulled up on the overhead that made everyone cringe.

4. Statistics on physical abuse were given to us to study.
(Nationally, 93% of parents reported physically disciplining their child, ages 0-2. sick world we live in.)

5. The more pictures shown, the worse they got..i felt sick.

6. By the 7th or 8th picture.......THUMP. (lound bonk on desk)

7. Looked over: poor, pasty-limp sarabeth passed out COLD on her neighbors desk.

8. Professor called 911

9.Paramedics arrive


I told the professor his lectures are making people go unconcious and that this 'bruise lecture' crashed and bombed. I think he felt kinda bad and possibly won't show as graphic pictures next time.

But i'm super glad class got cancelled...sometimes i hate my major. really really hate it.

Now I'm thinking of ditching the next class now that i know whats coming. because lets face it: if i'm weak enough to pass out in history class when i see chinese women's bound little midget feet...i'm weak enough to pass out at bruises. If we hadn't of stopped, I'm pretty sure I would have thumped down on my desk as well, and Mr. Clean would have felt real bad.

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