Wednesday, March 30, 2011

zebrah-girl zebrah-licious + pilates nails were very zombie-dead when i ripped off the full set i got a few weeks ago..
maybe ripping off fake nails is the worst feeling in the world.
solution to pretty and painless?
 ...well, i smoothed em up and bought a new little gem...

kewl huh. they is stickas! sally hansen. @ walmart. 8 bucks. totally worth it.
don't worry that there is a little kick in my step now when people notice and compliment my cool nail polish adorning my midget hands.


it is time to get rid of this chubby girl inhabiting the skinny girl body inside of me.
jillian michaels.. zumba..and pilates.
for now, i'll start with pilates.
wish me luck cuz i'm gonnnnnaaaa need it.


kstaples said...

I'm getting those nail things-so cute!

Mindy said...

My roommate has those nails! I want the lacey ones!

Tami said...

I need those nails right now. And that upward-dog puppy. Please.