Saturday, December 31, 2011


my birfday was great. it involved family, wingers, cake, friends, presents and games.. what more could a girl ask for?

im 22 now..
and this will be a good year for me.
a really good year.
great, in fact.
(positive thinking, people.)

im gonna learn to sew lots of kewl stuff on my sewing machine...use my hobby lobby giftcard erryday and become a crafting gonna lose my handles of love...and im gonna TRAVEL lots of places. woop woop!

time to read some more hungry games in my comfy jammies.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

day 30!..i'm 22!

day 30....30 facts about you.

1. today i am 22 (which i will post about later)
2. i enjoy wearing cute dresses and high heels
3. i still have that 15 lbs to shed thats been hanging around my mid section
4. im currently wasting my winter break watching the seasons of FRIENDS..and it feels so good.
5.  i am graduating with my bachelors in social work in april
6. i am going to the dominican republic in august for a study abroad service trip to finish my 3 lingering credits
7.  queso makes me vomit
8. nutella makes me heppy.
9. hobby lobby is sort of like a drug to me
10. the huge grungy muppet gives me anxiety still to this day due to a nightmare i had when i was 5
11. its my dogs birthday today. that makes us twins.
12. if i got ready as much as i did in jr high, i'd probly have a boyfriend
13. i love acting so so so much, but havent for years
14. i paint/draw when i'm bored
15. i can sing with my mouth closed
16. i can also wiggle my ears
17. my first loves name in preschool was 'matthew frankenstein'
18. when i was little, i wanted to be asian, because 'Minn' on Barney was asian
19. i then changed my mind and wanted to switch my identity to Kimberly (the pink power ranger) and told my mother that when i was 18, i was legally changing my name to Kimberly whether she liked it or not.
20. i have 3 types of books on my bookshelf: harry potter, shakespear, and self help break up books. ha.
21. i have never smoked/drank and never plan to
22. i rode in the back of a cop car once, it was awesome. (i found a little boy on the side of the road and we were searching for his house..its not as rebellious as it sounds)
23. i hate dance parties. and dancing. unless i'm in a costume..then i like it.
24. i used to crimp my hair evreyday so it was crunchy and stiff. ek.
25. i wore overalls everyday in the 5th grade. (I WAS FAT...take that into consideration)
26. ive spent the last 2 summers escaping to hawaii for weeks on end
27. sometimes when im at resturants and a little kid looks over at me, i do this 'ttsschh' sound effect and scary face that sometimes makes them cry.
28. i faked an athsma attack in the 6th grade to get out of running the mile
29. i then faked another one in 9th grade during a track meet.
30. i dont like social gatherings..they stress me out. maybe thats why i stay home with my awesome family so much :)

im done with the 30 day challenge!
it only took me a year.
this was the first 'new years resolution' that i ever finished.


happy birthday to me, i'll post about it later.
gonna go watch friends till i fall asleep.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

happy christmas+day 29

everyone have a good christmas? i diddddddddddddd. i got a sewing machine from santa....gonna domesticate it up in the months to come. :)

day 29. who are you?

i am nicole linnae booth.
...daughter of bri & share
...sister to 4 booth beauties worker to hospital patients
...puppy rescuer extrordinaire
...excessive blogger
...pinterest addict
...giver of service to old people
...professional teenage-girl-esque emotion shower
...lover of all things nutella

Saturday, December 24, 2011

28- two confessions

Day 28. Two confessions.

Confession #1:

 im not sure how many of you know this....but once upon a time when i was 15...and my parents were out of town..and i didnt have my license nor my permit..................i stole my sisters car to drive to my friend brooke's house cuz i was bored. i then joy rided around her neighborhood, picked up another friend, and drove back home. i got grounded for months (which ended up only being a few weeks..teehee)..... after my mother found out via THE INTERWBZ when i was bragging to all my friends on MSN messenger.......anyways. i was in deep shiz and it was the stupidest thing i ever did.
but the best part about it?
  a. the first thing my dad said, was 'well i know where she gets it from. i used to take my parents car out all the time when i was 13'
  b. i met my boyfriend because i was under house arrest. holllaaaaaa.

Confession #2:

i dont think i have ever told this to ANYONE. i am interwebz.... finally getting this off my chest after oh...13 years? -_-

when i was in elementary school, i was on the 'student council'...mostly it was just a handful of kids who got elected to talk about school during one of the lunch hours.
 well, as the council, we decided to put a suggestion box in the office so students could put suggestions in there so we could duscuss ways we could improve our school. (not like we really had any power to do anything about our school?)
 the suggestions usually consisted of 'get vending machines' (in which im pretty sure i promised in my election speech) and 'no homework!' and 'cake for lunch' and 'FIRE MRS. DUNG' (our school nurse, whos last name really was DUNG)....and 'RECESS ALL DAY!' and my friends...we were hard-a's. and we liked to swear alot. now, i knew swearing was bad, didnt really understand what those words meant, i just knew it was cool and bad, so i did it. (im the perfect poster child for the bad kid in a seminary video....elementary style)
anyways, we would come up with tons of suggestions and stuff them in the box.
well.............i remember once i wrote a LONG letter to the box, annonymously, describing how the 'bathrooms smelled like hell and ass' and used other curse words in which i can't quite remember....but i know i used at least 5. (please imagine a chubby 9 year old nicole scribbling these words out onto wide ruled binder paper with my lisa frank pencil).

i remember proof reading it with my friends on the playground, and one of my old teachers was on yard duty that day.
"what ya reading there?"
i shoved the crass 'suggestion' into my overalls pocket and said
"oh nooooothing mrs. wheeler!"
...i then ran the the office at the speed of light to deliver my inappropriate suggestion before anyone could stop me.

upon entering student council later that week, the president made an announcement....that the suggestion box would no longer be in the office, because they were getting letters that involved inappropriate language that was offensive..and the suggestions started turning into really mean rants. students were cussing in the suggestions so the box was no longer allowed.

.............................they cancelled 'the box' because of me.
because of my bad-a 4th grade self.

i really do feel so much better now that i confessed that one.

Friday, December 23, 2011

day 25

25. ten movies you love

1. That Thing You Do
Guy Patterson is just a dreamboat, and 'the bass player' kinda looks like my ex boyfriend.
i can quote 95% of this movie and whenever i hear about a new fling, i like to say... 'they  make a cute couple, huh?'

2. Ten Things I Hate About You

Heath Ledger serenading me on the high school bleachers? *passes out with giddy girl joy*

3. The Family Stone

....i cried. and then i cried some more because it threw in the cancer card into the movie. but its reaaaaary good.

4. The Prestige

You make me swoon, magic man. You. make. me. swoon.

5. Titanic
Pinned Image
Why didnt she let him onto the floating headboard with him!? THEY BOTH COULD HAVE SURVIVED! alas, her periwinkle dress made me envious, even when she was near death looking like a chilly little corpse, i thought she looked quite stylish.

Pinned Image
must i even explain?

7. P.S. i love you

The part where she is reading the letter he wrote to her...when she is sitting in his backyard in Ireland... ah...and he is half there half not because he's kinda dead...but he IS there...i sob every time.

8. Crazy Stupid Love

I love the part where she calls him to help her 'fix' the gaslight in the basement..when really she just wanted to hear his voice. And he can see her through the window, and just smiles at her lying to him while she is crying.

9. Pride & Prejudice

I hope to someday dance in a ballroom with my love and have everyone magically disappear in the room so it is only me and him...and i will be completel, perfectly, incandescently happy.

10. The Help

i love emma stone, i love eqaulity, and i love when mean racist people eat pies full of  $..#..!..+..

Monday, December 19, 2011

day 24

Day 24: Someone you would switch lives with for a day and why

call me crazy..........
but i would switch lives with.....
..ok its a toss up between a kardashian sister and kate middleton.


1.every kardash sister is super rich and i cannot IMAGINE how much money they are able to spend, anxiety-free, day by day. droppin a thou aint no thing at tiffany's! man.. what would that be like!?

2. princess kate is pure class...has the most beautiful dresses...and lives in a palace.

..on the other hand...the kardashians are sort of super slutty...

...and princess kate doesnt eat more than a few leaves of lettuce a day
.....and is married to a balding gentleman. hmm.

so maybe this means i secretly have some desire to be filthy rich?
that must be it.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

day 23

5 things that gross you out:

1. Male feet. especially their toes and toe nails. bleggh.

2. Seeing huge naked boobs all the time at work. (Yes, its just breastfeeding..but when i'm in the middle of talking to new moms about post-partum depression stuff, its NOT appropriate to start showing me your big nakey boob and how your baby wont latch on to your disgusting nip.)

3. People who talk too close when they have morning breath. (also known as death-breath, which is very commonly smelled during the hymns at church.)

4. Touching someones veins *shiver*

5. Trying to clean up  my sick puppy's vomit whilst she decides its time for a snack. *passes out*