Sunday, December 11, 2011

30 day challenge continues..

You guys.. do you remember my little 30 day blog challenge i started at the beginning of the year?( if not, click on the '30 day challenge' label at the bottom of this post)

well remember how i never finish anything? ..ive had 360 days to finish this stupid 30 day challenge...and i have 9 challenge days help me, i will finish it by the 31. so here i go!

day 21. a thought you've had this past week.

it has come to my realization this week, that i cannot 'carry' a tune.
this being said, let me explain.

i sing very loudly when i am alone in the car.
and sometimes, when i'm singing the Wicked soundtrack or passionately busting out some Adele, i think to myself... 'hot dang! i could be a singer!!!!!'

so then, embarrassingly enough, i record myself on my phone to see what i sound like. i cant believe i just admitted that to the world wide interwebz.
*automatically delete*

i can sing mary had a little lamb. but if i had to carry a note for my life for longer than about 2.5 seconds, i couldnt.

so, after i had this revelation this week, i decided to stick to lip syncing in the car. ever tried it? its quite hilarious, especially when you are making suave facial expressions and lip syncing to Bing Crosby's 'White Christmas'. 
on the freeway.
and giggling in between my own eyebrow raises.

its especially fun at the part that goes,
'well iiyy-iyy-iyy ammm duhreaming, of a wwhhhiiiyytte...... CHRISTTMMUUSS'
try it sometime.


Rachel Nell said...

Love it. I know exactly which part you're talking about. I, too, lip sync to Bing Crosby's Christmas songs on a regular basis. :)

morgan said...

next time you want to belt one out, send it to me via heytell. i'll be the judge of your talent. mwhahahaha.