Saturday, December 31, 2011


my birfday was great. it involved family, wingers, cake, friends, presents and games.. what more could a girl ask for?

im 22 now..
and this will be a good year for me.
a really good year.
great, in fact.
(positive thinking, people.)

im gonna learn to sew lots of kewl stuff on my sewing machine...use my hobby lobby giftcard erryday and become a crafting gonna lose my handles of love...and im gonna TRAVEL lots of places. woop woop!

time to read some more hungry games in my comfy jammies.


Jo said...

Happy bday you little gem you.

Mindy said...

I want those pajamas!

morgan said...

i'm really sad. in the last 3 months of our bff-ness, you failed to mention your birthday was approaching. how's a girl supposed to feel when she stubbles upon the news via (in nicole lingo) the interwebzzzzz?