Friday, December 23, 2011

day 25

25. ten movies you love

1. That Thing You Do
Guy Patterson is just a dreamboat, and 'the bass player' kinda looks like my ex boyfriend.
i can quote 95% of this movie and whenever i hear about a new fling, i like to say... 'they  make a cute couple, huh?'

2. Ten Things I Hate About You

Heath Ledger serenading me on the high school bleachers? *passes out with giddy girl joy*

3. The Family Stone

....i cried. and then i cried some more because it threw in the cancer card into the movie. but its reaaaaary good.

4. The Prestige

You make me swoon, magic man. You. make. me. swoon.

5. Titanic
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Why didnt she let him onto the floating headboard with him!? THEY BOTH COULD HAVE SURVIVED! alas, her periwinkle dress made me envious, even when she was near death looking like a chilly little corpse, i thought she looked quite stylish.

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must i even explain?

7. P.S. i love you

The part where she is reading the letter he wrote to her...when she is sitting in his backyard in Ireland... ah...and he is half there half not because he's kinda dead...but he IS there...i sob every time.

8. Crazy Stupid Love

I love the part where she calls him to help her 'fix' the gaslight in the basement..when really she just wanted to hear his voice. And he can see her through the window, and just smiles at her lying to him while she is crying.

9. Pride & Prejudice

I hope to someday dance in a ballroom with my love and have everyone magically disappear in the room so it is only me and him...and i will be completel, perfectly, incandescently happy.

10. The Help

i love emma stone, i love eqaulity, and i love when mean racist people eat pies full of  $..#..!..+..


Robby Spratt said...

I really liked Crazy Stupid Love also. I could have done without some of the crude humor, but the rest of it was excellent.
I also really liked the scene you described. The characters were so genuine!
Have you seen Dan in Real Life? I think you would like it.

Jo said...


Summer said...

anddd this is why i we're friends. because you have wonderful taste in movies! i just watched that thing you do the other day & it sure is lovely. as are all your other choices that i've seen. oh and family stone is the best!

Mindy said...

I have only seen one of these movies ...

cole linnae said...

YESSSS, summy we do have the same taste in movies huh! and you were the one who introduced me to 'the family stone'.
mindy....HOW have you not seen at least 5 of these!?
and yes robby, i love dan in real life.

hi jo :)

Summer said...

mindy needs to watch more movies. she's only seen that thing you do which I know cause she told me the other day.

Nicole said...

yay for pride and prejudice AND the help being on this list. and crazy stupid love.