Thursday, December 8, 2011

someone like you

so.. im unhealthily obsessed with youtube as well as the song 'someone like you' by adele, right?
well, good thing my friend kirk knows my youtube song addiction patterns.

aside from the fact that this singer man:
  • has summer-teeth (summer-here, summer-there)
  • does the occasional stevie wonder/parrot head bob....
  • does the elvis lip curl/stanky face when singing with his TEETH..
  • stares into your soul and probably puts an inaudible jinx on you from 3:56-4:05....
  • and stares out the window at the end as if he were riding in a boxcar to auschwitz...
...i'd say this cover is pretty good.

just close your eyes and listen..because his voice is shweeeet.
(didnt mean to rip 90% of this guy apart via blog...but maybe i'm just super discriptive about it cuz its 6 in the morning and i still havn't slept? or maybe because ripping annoyingish people apart sometimes feels funny-good :) i fink i need sleep. second all-nighter in 3 days. not good. )
anyways..i like his voice! bai!


Taylor Christian said...

Love it! Found you on 20sb and saw your post about not being married yet! I know what you mean!! I pull up facebook and it's like another one bites the dust (baby and wedding). I don't want to be married, but I would like a good relationship!

brittyd said...

ROFL on riding in a boxcar to auschwitz. That shouldn't be funny.......uhhhh.....BUT IT IS. rofl.

morgan said...

we played some of his music at our wedding. he is kinda hideous, but man, his voice makes for some good mood music. :)