Thursday, December 29, 2011

day 30!..i'm 22!

day 30....30 facts about you.

1. today i am 22 (which i will post about later)
2. i enjoy wearing cute dresses and high heels
3. i still have that 15 lbs to shed thats been hanging around my mid section
4. im currently wasting my winter break watching the seasons of FRIENDS..and it feels so good.
5.  i am graduating with my bachelors in social work in april
6. i am going to the dominican republic in august for a study abroad service trip to finish my 3 lingering credits
7.  queso makes me vomit
8. nutella makes me heppy.
9. hobby lobby is sort of like a drug to me
10. the huge grungy muppet gives me anxiety still to this day due to a nightmare i had when i was 5
11. its my dogs birthday today. that makes us twins.
12. if i got ready as much as i did in jr high, i'd probly have a boyfriend
13. i love acting so so so much, but havent for years
14. i paint/draw when i'm bored
15. i can sing with my mouth closed
16. i can also wiggle my ears
17. my first loves name in preschool was 'matthew frankenstein'
18. when i was little, i wanted to be asian, because 'Minn' on Barney was asian
19. i then changed my mind and wanted to switch my identity to Kimberly (the pink power ranger) and told my mother that when i was 18, i was legally changing my name to Kimberly whether she liked it or not.
20. i have 3 types of books on my bookshelf: harry potter, shakespear, and self help break up books. ha.
21. i have never smoked/drank and never plan to
22. i rode in the back of a cop car once, it was awesome. (i found a little boy on the side of the road and we were searching for his house..its not as rebellious as it sounds)
23. i hate dance parties. and dancing. unless i'm in a costume..then i like it.
24. i used to crimp my hair evreyday so it was crunchy and stiff. ek.
25. i wore overalls everyday in the 5th grade. (I WAS FAT...take that into consideration)
26. ive spent the last 2 summers escaping to hawaii for weeks on end
27. sometimes when im at resturants and a little kid looks over at me, i do this 'ttsschh' sound effect and scary face that sometimes makes them cry.
28. i faked an athsma attack in the 6th grade to get out of running the mile
29. i then faked another one in 9th grade during a track meet.
30. i dont like social gatherings..they stress me out. maybe thats why i stay home with my awesome family so much :)

im done with the 30 day challenge!
it only took me a year.
this was the first 'new years resolution' that i ever finished.


happy birthday to me, i'll post about it later.
gonna go watch friends till i fall asleep.

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Jo said...

happy bday!!!!