Tuesday, December 15, 2009


sigh. people change. at first, they do it without knowing. but then they are sitting right next to you and you feel like they are a complete STRANGER and you realize that things can't ever be the same because people grow apart.and im kind of awful and adjusting to things. dramatic sigh again.

i can't sleep because i've been crying my pathetic eyes out and the only joy i'm getting is trying on virtual hats via my webcam while nomming on this delicious watermelon bubble gum. i dunno why it is forest green. bahhhh. i hope you get joy out of this hideous photo. i know i did. and yes, that bubble is real.

also, kristin, this ones for you. hope it cheered you up.


Kristin May said...

Thank you, co co. That almost made me cry with joy.

Tami said...

I hope you feel better, little buddy. Luff the hat.