Saturday, December 5, 2009

USU spirit!

So.. im a loser and stayed home from the most exciting basketball game of the season..USU vs. BYU.. because i had to study for finals. fail!! this was serious business guys. like.. people camped outside the spectrum the night before just to get good seats. it was insane. me and my other roommate kels stayed home and watched it on tv whilst doing math homeowork... but my other roommates who went said it was AMAZING. The aggie crowd is known for being sort of brutal.. so i stole some pictures from some random fb account to show you just how rude we can be. ohhh bless you, aggie fans! and bless YOU, you poor, poor byu players & ONE old man fan.

'Welcome to hell' was right.

The classic 'ugly girls' poster

*(please note the stuffed cougar hanging from a noose)

We have this famous cheer.. where all we do is point to our bench and say, "WINNING TEAM!" and point to the other bench and say, "LOSING TEAM!"...and we magnify it by 10,000 fans. Awesome.

my personal favorites are.. "Your mom is a cougar" ..and "Fetch you byu!"

You bold, bold man.

Indeed, we have achieved classless. (p.s..thanks for the great jokes max hall!) Dear ol Cougs.. you'll think twice before stepping into the Spectrum again. Go aggies.

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