Wednesday, February 9, 2011


My roomies have the bieber fever. When i was making fun of them for singing along to his youtube, i said he was "Almost as bad as that pre-pubescent Billy Gilman kid."
wrong. thing. to. say.
my livingroom then proceeded to sing the full version of, 'one voice was heard' and now i wish i kept my mouth shut and just listened to their 'aww he is so adorable!' and..'i cant wait for his movie to come out, i'm gonna go at midnight!' and.. 'its not creepy to be totally obsessed with a 16 year old..' comments about the Bieb.

(for those of you who dont remember, about 10 years ago Billy Gilman was a one-hit-country-wonder who often mistaken for a five year old girl desperately in need of orthodontic care.)

i'll admit to everyone and anyone,
Bieber > Gilman

bieb is wayyyyy cuter than creepy billy gilman, i'll admit that too. (i cant believe i'm 21 and just professed that to the blogworld. i'm in college. its late. i need to go to bed.)

bottom line, put em in a cage together and i'd root for Bieber. but thats the only exception.

ps...just in case you were wondering,
what do you get when you cross a post-puberty gilman with a bieber hairstyle?


thanks google images.


brittyd said...

BUT ONE VOOOOOICE WAS HEARD! one voice one simple word, hearts know what to say......come on those lyrics are inspiring.

Jo said...

Thanks for the heelllpp, down here on earrrthhh...I know all the words if you'd like me to continue.

Brooke Shoko said...

babababa. "put em in a cage together"

i'm not gonna lie though. "one voice"- i love it.