Wednesday, February 16, 2011

my boys

on corbs birthday, loving the helicopter my mom got him haha.

(this is when i made them make a time capsul. and wrote future notes to themselves..i'm sure they will thank me later. corbins said something like, hey old corbin, are you chewing gum right now? blakes was much more refined of course.)

blake: UGHHH corbin! you forget everything. you are so.... FORGETTABLE!

blake: YOU HID THE GRANOLA BARS!?! I'm telling. You. are. so. bad. Dad would be absolutely ashamed of you corbin. ASHAMED.

corbin: here sit right there, i'll land my helicopter on your hand.
me: no it will get in my hair
corbin: no just try it, i promise it wont.
(he flies it right into my hair.)
me: oh okay i'm outta here.
corbin: no please! that was rare! very rare that that would happen! it was one time and rare!

corbin: umm nicole?
me: yes corbin?
corbin: (squinting his eyes).. why are chinese peoples eyes so... flinched all the time?

everytime me and corbin are in the car, we play 'yellow car' (where you call yellow cars and get points.)
anyways, i was winning by a TON and he started calling ridiculous things.

me: yellow truck
corbin: no point, its a yellow DIESEL.
me: fine. yellow car! yellow car again!
corbin: yellow tractor! yellow bike!
me: ok that doesnt even count, bikes don't even have engines.
corbin: YES HUH. they are simple machines, and those are engines so it counts. i'm being serious, simple machines count. double points for me.

corbin: so this kid pushed over the WHOLE line of kids in the play, and he got sent to miss jackie's.
me: whos miss jackie?
corbin: shes the teacher who bad kids go to. people say shes mean, but shes not. she's really nice if you get to know her real well.
me: ...and why do you know her real well?
corbin: well..this one time in second grade i got sent there because i kicked a boy in the face and gave him a black eye and bloody nose. i got suspended for two days.
me: WHAT!? why would you do that. corbin gregory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is not okay.
corbin: trust me, you don't want to know. he waas being SO uh-naushus!!
me: tell me now.
corbin: well.... he was just totally uh-naushus. he pulled down his pants and underwear in front of everyone. so when he was sitting on the grass, i stood up and kicked him right in the face.
me: ...............oh. well, i probably would have too then.

(i hate to say it, but i was proud of my little boy for doing that. hahaha. i'm a terrible nanny.)


Heather said...

i love this :)
we play the yellow car game too.. except he always wins and punches me so i start saying things like yellow sign ! yellow curb! .. yes im like a 9 year old :) haha

Tami said...

Ha ha ha- "It was one time and rare!"

Laur said...

hahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha I love this so much!!!!!!! I love kids. So so hilarious.

livvy said...

AHHHH I love this!!! I miss them sooooo much!!!!!!

Oh You Know.... said...

I always laugh super loud when I read your quotes from corbin.