Friday, June 18, 2010


so.. lately has been hard. and by 'lately' i mean about every other hour since i arrived here in hawaii. i didn't think bein out here alone would be that hard...because its paradise, right?
i dunno.. things just werent really falling into place. sooo on sunday i made the 40 minute drive to our chapel in Kona, right next to the temple. (it was the first time that i've put on make up, and curled my hair and actually looked like a naturally when i went to grab the keys, my boys hid from this stranger in their house. awesome.)

anyways.. i walk into church..and moooostly i'm the only white girl there. nbd, it was awesome. i wish so freaking bad i was hawaiian already! they are so beautiful. but i walked in, and immediately was greeted by the bishop, ward clerk, etc.. finding out who i was, and wondering why i was sitting alone on a pew by myself in their chapel. it was just the cure for a lonely girl 22,000 miles away from home.

i almost started laughing when they started out sacrament meeting with an 'alooooooo-ha!' because it caught me so off guard. (if ever i marry someone who's a bishop, im going to make him start out our sac like that!) anyways ps, this blog is so random and my thoughts are so scatterbrained..maybe because i'm laying in bed still trying not to die from these bug bites...myyyy apologies.

but sacrament seriously was so so so wonderful. it really felt like it was the first one i ever paid attention to, and my heart was just SO grateful for every little detail in that moment. for one of the ward elders, it was his last sunday there, so the congregation sang 'aloha oe' to him while people went up and presented him with laies. i of course being an idiot, stood up and had no idea what i was singing, so i just mumbled along and smiled when anyone looked at me.

anyways, everyone in relief society and sunday school was SO kind, and they acted like we had been bff's for years..i've never met a group of nicer, more genuine people in my whole life. I met the most adorable girl, Melia, and she is wonderful...she just graduated college and nannying here too. The bishoprics wives invited me to the bishopric family dinner that night, and i've never felt so welcomed in my life. and MANNNNNN i love real hawaiian bbqs.
steak.. chicken.. shrimp... mmmmmmmmmmm.

i look forward to the next 6 sundays i have here.

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ClaysJenna said...

My Aunt and Uncle live in Kona. If you ever need somewhere to go they would be more than happy to be there for you :)
I love the Aloha at the beginning of church and I wish we did it here, too. I also love how everyone wears aloha shirts rather than button up :) Also, Aloha 'Oe is one of my favorite songs and it makes me cry every time I sing it :) Good luck out there in paradise :)