Saturday, June 26, 2010


i feel like.. as of late i've realized that there are really wonderful people in my life that i don't thank my Heavenly Father enough for.

lets name a few. in no particular oder.

my family (obviously)sharon. brion. jackie&george. tami. kristin. and chelle.
my family i nanny for out here
my Kona ward.. {Auntie Trish & Melia}
my roommates: liv, chris, britt, heath. bless our hysterical laughter nights.
my new friends from san D: laur, tay, kam, chav, brade, chad, errin.. possible sprang brayke trip i coulda asked for
my advanced theater friends: missy, kirk, jordan, amylee, andra&fam & the love they still have for me.
my best friends i grew up with: val riss heath brooke chris
my cute boy who treats me like a fricking princess, even across an ocean
my best friends i don't see often enough: syd & kath & katie
my friends from freshman year: bunt & ry & liv

thank you for being wonderful and blessing my life. seriously. what would i do without such wonderful people in my life?


MissyJEE said...

:) i love you cole.

The Lonely Boy said...

nighole. marry me? love, ry.

Amylee said...

Aaaawwwwwww, look at me making the list :). I miss Kirk. When does he get home?!
PS- That would be pretty sweet if that was a real proposal by the Lonely Boy over there...

brittyd said...

NiCOLE. I love you. I miss you. The Davis High Class of 07 ward is just not the same without you! I bet Hawaiiiii is better cuz you're there. I am so glad that we are going to be roommates:) love brittyd