Wednesday, November 17, 2010


some girl dropped her phone on campus, so my dearest roomie christy, of course.. picked it up and found 'mom' in the contacts and called her telling her that her daughter lost her phone.. cuz christy is just a good person like that.

so, after a few days of the phone sitting on our table waiting for her to pick it up.. this happens:

me: i wonder if theres any good texts in there?
christy: read em!!!!!

so what if i'm a snoop? SUE ME. big fat whoop. its the only excitement in my life next to talking about incontinence and elderly sex life in social gerontology (shivvvvveeerrr. eeek. and i'm kidding.)
and maybe there was someone texting her telling her they got kidnapped and needed help asap? i was just trying to do my civil dutyand getting a kick out of it as a plus. maybe i just like harmless snooping in strangers lives. get over it.

i proceeded to read texts such as..
"hey can you work for me saturday?"
"hey did you get ahold of our boss?"

i scroll down..

from: Edward
oh honey bee i wuv you so much! muahw!

from: Edward
When i hold your face all i see is beauty! you are my queen! muahw! OH i can't wait to see you! muahw! :) :) :)

from: Edward:
how about after work you give me a good foot and back massage? How about some nice hot coco with whipped cream? ;) ;) ;) i just love you

-_-  i'll stop there. edward obviously likes making the kissing noise in text lingo to sound chinese..or a mix between alien/larg feral cat? i dont know. muahw. muahw.

and then:

from Mckenzie:
so did you work things out with Alex?


either she is a cheatin hobag and is gonna end up on true life: cheaters or she has a freakish twilight obsession and calls her boyfriend  'Edward' who is really named 'alex' and is going to be on true life: twilight intervention.

beats the heck outta me. i think she's cheating.
Poor Alex.


Jo said...

Haha! Funny.
Why wont you oblige to my blog wishes? Why wont You follow my blog? Why. Don't. You. Love me?

Brooke Shoko said...

hahahahahah nicole.
this totally made my day. loved that christy called "mom". love that you read the texts.

mal blair said...

so, i just came across your blog & i'm in love with it! this post made me laugh quite a bit. :]

Olivia & Chris said...

That's entertained me :) and yes, poor Alex!

Olivia & Chris said...
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Christy Marie said...

rofl. muahw!