Saturday, November 27, 2010

sorry indians.

sooo we whipped up a quick thanksgiving due to us not being able to visit jackie for thanksgiving. (boo)

of course, for SOME REASON... the bad november holiday joojoo came and haunted us again. for some reason... right around family gets in a strange fight. heaven knows what causes it..maybe its the stress of making all the food..maybe its because we arent fully prepared for winter and it sneaks up on us and it seems to back-attack us.. or maybe the oven is just turned up too damn high. (we dont do well with heat. i personally get a littttttle pissy when i'm hot. dont cross me when the heat is up)

anyway, things ended up being fine like always and we had our thanksgiving dinner just fine. while stuffing our faces, we all discussed our worst injuries. it was great. we went around the table and shared things like this:
-3 broken arms
-2 run-ins with sliding glass doors
-1 standing-on-the-basketball-trick gone wrong
-2 times my face got smashed into bleachers
-3 incidences of falling off the monkey bars and hurting limbs
-1 chubby diaper butt stuck with sat-on staples

and so on and so forth.

then we watched 2 episodes of the office, 2 episodes of hoarders...were all too tired to play any games so we saved that for yesterday.. (how did i not win when the green card was "filthy" and i put down anne frank?)

so, we celebrated the holiday like the rest of the ticking off PETA and jumping over the fact that we are celebrating a holiday about us kicking the indians out of 'our' country.

God bless America.

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Tami said...

Kristin and I decided this week that many years ago, someone in our family must have disturbed the grave of one of the indians from the first thanksgiving, and thus caused our thanksgiving curse. It's the only explanation.