Monday, November 22, 2010

updates, legos and fish.

i've been M.I.A lately. sorry.

I've been hating the recent snow. hate hate hate. instead of going outside and doing normal daily tasks, i watch animal planet and eat cookies with my roommates.

speaking of cookies, i keep gaining that stupid winter fatty weight from Nadeene and its killin me.

harry potter 7= epic. i love everything about the magical world of witchcraft and wizardry. and a very special letter from that school.. i'll post pictures soon.

i cant get enough of 'no doubt' lately. i just love em. maybe cuz my friend nannies for gwen.. but seriously. i love her.

i nanny for 2 sweet little boys a few days here in logan. here are some funny things i've been meaning to post..

corbin: and then we crashed the lego cars off the cliff and pretended they exploded!
blake: corbin, that is violent. (sincerely with a thoughtful look) i just.. dont get violence.

corbin: i want to play my legos in PEACE!!!!

corbin: you shouldnt feed fishsticks to fish. thats like having a human eat their arm.


Christy Marie said...

i love you.

Lauren Parker said...

oh my goodnes- you need to tell your friend of yours to hook me up with that nanny job!

ps. we can be new blog friends :)