Sunday, November 7, 2010

zombies vs. humans

the other day, i saw a bunch of college ADULTS running around with nerf guns, and something neon tied around their forehead like the karate kid. the labels read "HUMAN" *blank stare...*

the next day, there were more and more groups of college ADULTS running around with nerf guns, and nerf bullet holders strapped to their chest. and now, most of the names read "ZOMBIE". *alarmed stare...*

what. on. earth?

apparently, the university geeklings decided to have a week-long zombies vs. humans nerf gun fight. it started with 1 zombie, and the rest were humans. once the 1 zombie hit you, you were "infected" and became a zombie...hence..the growing population of zombie nerfgunners.

as andrew and i were on our way to the library to study around 9 p.m. (mind you, this goes on all day, all night, and even on the campus BUSSES), we saw a group of dungeon and dragon-type looking kids running quite speedily towards the TSC, clad in the neon head wraps and equipped with nerf ammo.

5 minutes later i saw an ambulance speed down 700 E..
stupid zombies probably ran into the street trying to infect a human...
maybe THAT will teach you to grow up and go to college instead of playing a dead-corpsy gun game you morons.

instead of speedily rushing to class everyday like i always do, i made sure to not have a run-in with a zombie OR a nerfed out human, just in case one decided to turn on me and force me to play their evil game.
p.s...the only zombies i like are the ones in the 'thriller' music video. don't you agree? over and out.


Ali Anderson said...

collllllllle love this. agreed. and lolllled

Rachel Nell said...

FYI, Humans vs. Zombies was actually an official USU event, organized by none other than Residence Life (aka my job). Over 800 people participated. It was hilariously awesome. I'm kind of sad it's over... I really enjoyed watching people get ambushed by "zombies" when they came out of class. Highly entertaining.