Tuesday, January 11, 2011


3. A picture or description of your favorite place in your world. And I’m not talking about like France or Greece. I’m talking somewhere you visit daily or atleast fairly often

hummmmmm. favorite place in MY world?

A bookstore. Borders or Barnes and Noble. and guess what- i don't even read that much. my sister tami is a total bookworm and reads books in like, a few hours.. me..not so much. when i find a reaaaaaalllllly good book i'll commit to read it, and love it forever. But honestly? whyyyyy do i love bookstores if im not a total book nerd? because i walk in and it smells like fresh book pages and coffee. i dunno..its just super cozy. i like cozy things. who DOESNT like browsing in a huuuuuuuuuge maze of books? and not just boring books... FUN books! i feel like belle off beauty and the beast when beast gives her her very own library. I sound like a moron..but this is my world. so whatever.

sometimes i just walk in, find a book or cute magazine that catches my eye, and plop down and look through it. and mostly i end up in the kids section looking at cool facts and world record books...... hahah.  before i know it hours have passed and i'm slightly embarrassed...AND..sometimes they give you samples of pastries they make in the little coffee shop in the corner. so how could you not love that!?

 Thats my most favorite place in 'my' world.


Tami said...

"I sound like a moron..but this is my world. so whatever."

That made me giggle. You should make that your new blog title.

cole linnae said...

i SO should!
that just describes... moi.