Friday, January 14, 2011

day 6 snitches

day6. what did you do today?

man oh man. busy day. today i...

1.woke up at 5 a.m. to pee.
2. didnt fall back asleep till around 7.
3. alarm went off at 8:07.
4. ready for school, slimfast and out the door by 8:39
5. parking is non existant so waiting is worthless, at 8:59 i finally choose to park in a zone where i didnt have a tag and hoped i didnt get a ticket.
6. went to my social work practice class and sat in the front row because i was late... i kept imagining my professor as a dinosaur. because, she kind of looks like one. and her name kind of sounds like one.
7. at 10:15, walked back out to my car to find another parking spot that i was allowed to park in.
8. walked to the other side of campus in my new boots. (blisters begin).
9. 150 bucks later, bought a few textbooks.
10. walked in late to institute at 10:43. leanred about why marriage is necessary to our salvation.
11. headed to my 'energy' class with crazy professor who looks like the 'backin up' lady on youtube. (25 min early thank you very much)
12. back to the other side of campus for my second and last social work class at 1:30, blisters aching. rolling my ankles in my new boots 5 times already.
13. talk about prostitution for an hourish in social work class, get out early, head to work. 2:40. (guzzle another slimfast...i need to make myself lunches!!)
14. start math homework with corbin, took him to tumbling at 3:40
15. made around 100 color coded times table flashcards for him while observing his class
16. brought him home, helped him with homework and tried to comfort him when he cried about his spelling homework
17. drove home, extremely tired around 6:15 from a non-stop 9hr packed day..decided to skip working out. (as always :/ )
18. immediately into comfy clothes and watching 50 first dates with apples and peanut butter.
19. tried to rescue a sliding car, friends over at our house at 7:30. (they just got back from a mission in georgia and teaching english in chinaaaaa!)
20. bowl of coco roos/concert in christys room
21. about 45 minutes of intense mario cart
22. drive ryguy125 home in the blizzard so he wouldnt get frostbite.
23. hop in the bath- blisters STING. (never wearing heeled boots to campus again.)
24. clean. jammies. comfy couch.
25. blog

and that is how my tuesdays/thursdays will be everyday.
hut tut tut tut.... BYEBYE!


The Lonely Boy said...

i love this day. you failed to mention the blonde asian! i am pleased to be featured in your blog. thanks for the youtube sensations again. you da you da best.

brittyd said...

hahahahaha. the backin up lady!! You have tonya triplett huh? She really does look like her! You should have her reinact that video and then post it on youtube. It would get sooooooo many views.