Tuesday, January 11, 2011

numba FOUR

day 4.What’s your guilty pleasure: tv show, food, and magazine?

tv show: GUILTY pleasure? sometimes me and christy watch trashy mtv shows that we shouldnt watch. silly dating ones, like 'for the love of ray j' or 'teen mom'... i'm sorry. they are just so darn entertaining.

food: peanut butter cup perfection. its the only thing i ever get at coldstone.
thats where my extra LBS have come in. i crave it all day everyday.

magazine: i'm not really a magaziner.
 but since i was oh.. 17 maybe.. i sometimes pick up bridal magazines and sit on the floor of smiths and read to my hearts content.
 i just love all the ridiculously coture dresses..
 and all the BLING!
 ahh. dream dream dream.

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