Wednesday, January 5, 2011

so long 2010..

Remember this post? from last January on my other little blog? Well.... Its time to address some things...
my letter i wrote to 2010 goes as follows:

Dear 2010,
Be good to me. Find me a handsome boyfriend, help me lose the saddlebags i have on my theighs from eating nutella, get me a good paying job, help me climb down from the ugly tree and get back up the pretty hill that i slid down after the 8th grade, help me not be terrified of getting married, find me a good car and a puppy. Thanks.

Peace and blessings,

P.S. i wouldn't mind if you threw in a trip to Europe. Juuuuuust sayin.

2010 was OKAY to me.
-it did find me a handsome boyfriend that june
-it made my saddlebags BIGGER and i got CHUBBIER from nutella but specifically coldstone
-i did get a decent paying job
-2010 is still laughing at me swinging my legs in the ugly tree
-still terrified to get married.  (everyones facebooks wedding photos just.. scare me..)
-do NOT have a good car, however do have good parents who let me borrow.
-TOTALLY GOT A PUPPY. she almost died the other day from eating a sock, but hey. at least that 2010 puppy wish came true.
-and no, 2010 didnt sent me to europe. it did however send me to the aloha state...close enough.

as for you, 2011... demands are to come.
be prepared.

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Tami said...

That lolcat made my day.