Saturday, May 8, 2010

sigh. goodbye sophomore year.

3 in the morning again, folks.
this time, i'm in kaysville.
my residence for the summer of 2010.
i can't sleep.
i have a headache.
and i've already peed like 6 times in the past 2 hours..
its making it so i wont fall asleep.
diabetes? no.. bladder problem? (wink wink.)

I finished up finals on thursday. they sucked.
I went to bed at 4 or 5 in the morning every night last week!
why, you ask?
Well i was shopping online and drawing and doodling my kids names in my journal of course. normal things to do..
before very important finals.
but seriously...during the daylight hours,
i studied hard but most likely failed stats. whatever.
my awesome recitation leader (the ron weasley look-alike)
was so kind during the final..
he came and patted me on the shoulder and told me i was doin great and to keep going.
i asked him to pray for me and he did. bless him!
at the end of the final i wrote a little note to him saying..
"Bryan, if i pass this class, God bless you. if not.. sorry i failed. Youre great!"

I passed my APT test. (aka i needed to pass it to get into my social work program!)

i left good ol Oakridge 6c. it was hard to leave, surprisingly.
oh how i'll miss that purple couch, munster! he ate so many things. and once he even treated us to icecream with the 10 dollar bill we found in him!.
i'll miss sitting on munster with the roomies with all of our laptops out.
i'll miss playing nintendo with them.
i'll miss us all being together.
i'll miss playing the shuffle game with them.
i'll miss our random and way too often double chocolate brownie nights.
i'll miss our shmonday runs together..(shmonday=we are so hungry and need food but wait till its 12:00 sunday night so we don't break the sabbath).
i'll miss eating cupcakes with them.
i'll miss sunday dinners.
i'll miss the girl talk we would have after we went out with a boy.
i'll miss laughing so hard with them that livvys laugh wakes the neighbors.
and christy rolls around on the floor holding her stomach in joy/pain.
and heather raises her eyebrows and says 'OH my gosh.'
(eeek. i just started singing the vitamin c song in my head...i apologize...
reminiscing will stop in a moment, i swear)
i'll miss heatherbird.. because shes growing up and getting married and moving away.
i can't wait for our roadtrip to IDAHO next weekend though for the wedding!
oh i love weddings.

I said goodbye to my friends who are leaving for the summer...mostly to sell somewhere random across the country. boo. i hate that.
because maybe i won't ever see some of them again.
and i hate that.
at least lauren briggitybrown isn't gonna be sellin apex this summer! yeehaw.
(did you like that nice little shout out, sweetie?)

i have a strange obsession with grasshopper thin mint cookies as of late. maybe i bought a whole package of them the other night. maybe in two hours they were gone. maybe i ate them all, maybe i didnt.

The princess and the frog? Disney movie? takes place in baton rouge? and the BAYOU?
hours of nonstop impersonations of raymond the hillbilly firefly.
but seriously, its one of my favorite disney movies,
and i'm a harsh disney critic

Magic erasers? MAGIC. they get any stain off ANYTHING.
wanna know whats creepy? before i was done cleaning today, it disappeared.
poof. abracadabra, it vanished. MAGIC.

One month till Jackie and George tie the knot. YES!
this tiny tank needs to tinkle again.
good night.


Lauren said...

yes yes I loved that shout out!!!! ahahhahaha .but mostly i just love you. youre the greatest thing. truly. thanks for the letter you wrote me friday :) Anddont worry baby, next year is gonna be even better! GOIN DOWN THE BOYYOUUUUUU!!!!!!

livvy said...

ahhhh i LOVE you soooo much!! and i already miss you terribly. wednesday can't come soon enough!! but just think next year will be full of more adventures!!!!!