Thursday, May 20, 2010

This just in:

Change of plans for the summer guys.

Fraulein Maria (aka nicole linnae booth)




Nicole's summer.

(literally. thats one of the pools i'll be watching the kids at.)

Dont be jealous. ok do be jealous.
rememeber how i was going to go back to my hospice patients this summer? we'll instead i'll be nannying on the big island, sitting in the pool/beach/swimming with dolphins/tending adorable kids.

Well, I am working for my hospice patients a little bit before i fly out, but i fly out the day after Jackie and George tie the knot.
crazy, right? Nothing good ever happens to me. I've mostly been to the western U.S. and canada once for some icecream. and i'm spending my summer on an ISLAND.
how do you solve a problem like maria?
send her to paradise, thats how.

maybe i'm going to come back a different ethnicity. like. tanese.
maybe i'll come back a jungle woman.
maybe the plane will crash and i'll get 'LOST'. (i'll be kate if i can find myself a jack shepard.)
maybe i'll get eaten by a shark while snorkeling.
maybe prince charming will show up and he'll teach me how to surf and we'll fall in love.
maybe i'll be singing 'rock-a-hula' the whole way there on the plane.
maybe this is toooooooooooo good to be true.
(oh did i tell you? the adorable mom is the marine wildlife director at the hilton..nbd i'll be swimming with dolphins this summer.)

This is where i'll be the majority of my day with the litte kidlies:

God bless you, Hawaii.


Dave Lucy & Marley Gurney said...

Wow. Uber jealous. I wish when I watched my child it could be like that :( eff. Have fun!!

Lauren Brown said...

dont leave me :( I need our annual lunches on tuesday to get me through the week. gahhhhhh.. except lets get real- I'm way jealous.

Michelle said...

WOW! That will be awesome. I have swam with dolphins before... it is CRAZY and by crazy I mean AWESOME! Good luck. Oh and the hilton is pretty disgusting and by disgusting I mean GORGEOUS!

MissyJEE said...

oh. em. jee.

please let me see you before you leave.

Rachel Nell said...

Frick Nicole! How did you land that?? I'm soooo jealous. Can we pleeeeease play before you leave me foreverrrr? I just know that once you go to Hawaii, you won't ever come back. Especially to Logan. Poopy pants.