Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hey guys,
can i tell you how excited i am for things to come?
first off..

this couple is getting hitched: (aka my wonderful sister and georgiepoo)

second of all...i'm going to hawaii to be a nanny.

third of all...someday i'm gonna meet the greatest guy and have a great family.

can't wait for whats ahead of me.


Lauren Brown said...

was this inspired by our wonderful convo on the phone last night!? ahhhh i loveee this. and i love you. and i love your future lover. he doesn't even know that you already love him. how sweet. hahaha.

Rachel Nell said...

Somewhere out there, a super awesome man is searching just as hard for you. Just give him some time to find you. He was always a little slow at hide-and-seek ;)

Love you baby!

P.S. I'm still suuuper jealous that you get to be Miss Hawaii.