Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday of finals

Its 2 in the morning.
I have a final tomorrow at 9.
so naturally, I'm blogging.

Today i studied for 5 hours. 3 of those being at a stats S.I. i'm going to fail that class..and i have accepted it.. but at least i tried, right? and my future hub wont care if i cant do statistics..right?

Speaking of future hubs... WHERE ARE YOU? you should think about stoping by this summer. yes? no? What are your feelings on this?

I took a sleeping pill last night at 4 in the morning because i needed sleep. i havent taken one since november! let me tell you.. MY have i missed those random dreams of monkeys riding on camels backs going to save the world. woooooweeee. such a treat for finals week.

Friends of the Elderly ended last week. We had a sing along. it was adorable... imagine all the old people just singin their little hearts out. I kept requesting all these old songs that they would know...like.. 1940's songs.. and the other volunteers where like.. what the heck? who are you? HA. maybe you don't know, my names Nicole and i basically speak/breathe OLD.

I am on the verge of tears right now due to PMS, stress, and the fact that i just ate my weight in chocolate.

Today i laughed really hard when my friend was telling me that she spilled her gatorade in her backpack...and in it was all her textbooks, ipod, phone, etc....and all she screamed out at the silent library was... "NO!!! NOT MY CALCULATORS!!!!" yes, calculators plural. hahaha. oh allie. bless your heart.

I move home on friday. My summer will consist of working as a hospice aide again. arent you so excited to hear my stories? i'm so excited to be with them again.

I guess its time for sleep.

here is a picture. that i like. of my best friends.
only a few more days with these beauties :(
i'm tired.

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