Tuesday, May 11, 2010

fun fact.

Here are the worst paying college degrees:

College Degrees Starting Salary-Mid-career median salary

10.Drama $35,600-- $56,600
9.Fine Arts $35,800-- $56,300
8.Hospitality/Tourism $37,000-- $54,300
7.Education $36,200-- $54,100
6.Horticulture $37,200--$53,400
5.Spanish $35,600-- $52,600
4.Music $34,000-- $52,000
3.Theology $34,800-- $51,500
2.Elementary Education $33,000-- $42,400

1.Social Work $33,400 $41,600

i obviously won't be needing or even wanting sunbursts or marble halls.
i'm gonna be in the poor house you guys!

(Good thing Michael Buble already proposed and we can live off his 'crazy love' tour money for at least 10 years. phewww.)

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Rachel Nell said...

It's okay. I'm at number two. Maybe when we graduate and are both living as old maids, we can combine our incomes and live in an attic together.