Monday, August 4, 2008

quotes from my mother..

these were too good not to put up. forgive me mom.

"its a triple trailor truck!!"

"im going to become a farmer... (thinks hard for a moment..) and hire dad to be my farm laborer."

"instead of hell and damn, im going to say... ding dong. oh ding dong!"

"sorry.. let me change my mood. (waves hands in the air and changes into a british accent..) hello daughtas!!!"


It's ME! said...

hahahahaha. I miss mommy!

Kristin May said...

It doesn't matter how much I read that last one. I laugh out loud every time.

Princess Michelle said...

I freaking LOVE Momma Booth, she truly is a Saint!!!!

Lindsi said...

hahahahahaha!! i miss visiting you guys!