Monday, August 18, 2008

Valerie & John's Wedding

sooo one of my bffs, valerie, got married this weekend. we've known eachother since diapers..and she finally found her prince charming. when she came out of the temple, i'd never seen her happier in my whole life. honestly, i hope i'm that happy when i get hitched. me and a few of other old friends were some of her bridesmaids along with other family. the flowers and set up was beaauuttiifffuulll! and it was such a pretty day in oakland. even though they got two flat tires and their transmission gave up... she didnt let it ruin her special day :)

she got married in the Oakland California temple, and then had the reception at her home in Hollister. her dad built a dance floor and a band stand for the occasion, and went all out. it was wonderful. she was absolutely beaming the whole entire day, and had stars in her eyes for cryin out loud! of course, knowing valerie, she would have a bounce house at the wedding. which yes, i kicked out the small children out of... "okay guys, big kid time. get out." really, i said that.

they have an apricot orchard in their backyard... so of course all her brothers (all four..) went all out on the idea of having illegal fireworks. it really was amazing.. and im stealing that idea for my wedding. hooray for Mr. & Mrs. John Brodie!

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Dallas and Amylee said...

You look gorgeous even with your retarded face.