Sunday, August 10, 2008

devastation: the found santa clause letter.

so there i was, looking in my dads drawer for some stamps to send a letter to my good friend zachary, who is on a mission. all of a sudden, i see my name and messy old address from california scribbled on an envelope...

i picked it up.. and it was addressed to 'santa clause north pole'... and i had drawn on a stamp of scribbles in pen. on the back in very large letters, it said, 'TORTISE'. i could only imagine what the contents of the letter held..devastation, for one.. and embarassment for the other.

Dear Santa,
I've been verry good. I would love a tortise. please? a small nerd ( i scribbled scribble out nerd?).. phone set. at radio shack. nintendo 64. a treehouse. snow, cable, soccer ball gameboy color. slippers. hairstuff. makeup? silly puddy. raidio jewlry.
nicole linnae booth.

mind you, this is all in sloppy cursive, so i must have been in 3rd grade. at the top of the letter it said,

NO tortia (tortilla)
YES tortise.

as if i wanted to make sure santa wouldnt bring me a piece of flat mexican bread. all over the back of the letter said tortise tortise tortise. i knew id never get that stuff.. but hey. i would always dream big. and no, i didnt get a turtle tortise whatever. instead i got little plastic figures and i named one chloe and derrick or something.
sweet, sweet memories.

this is a random picture of someone i dont know, but look at the fear in his eyes. that thing wants to eat him. but yes, i wanted this to be my cuddly pet and had my heart set on it. i was so weird.

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