Thursday, August 7, 2008

growing up. staying immature.

ok. so im finally blogging about leaving home and growing up and moving out.

today i went to the doctors with my mom, and when he was doing the eye test on me, my mom tried to distract me from it and i started laughing nonstop for five minutes, and she did too, to the point where there were tears in my eyes. this wasnt ideal because it was the eye doctor and i think he got a little agitated with us. but alas, im going to miss the faces my mom makes in doctors offices when she gets bored.

im going to miss my dad walking in from work everyday when im always on the computer, and without fail, he asks me what i learned at school that day and how it was. and i'd always reply with 'nothing..and stupid.' im a punk, but whatever. im going to miss the look on my parents faces when i make an inappropriate joke.. or my little sister stealing my seat at the dinner table and me getting really miffed about it. i know im being over dramatic about leaving home.. i know its not leaving forever, but i hate change and dont adjust to it well.

the other night, me and my ma were up at 3 in the morning talking.. as usual since we both dont sleep, and i started bursting out crying saying, "i cant even coooook!". it was pathetic. so since we dont sleep, the past two nights shes taught me how to make an omlette. and cheese cake. and im pretty sure i can survive on that, right? im gonna be gaining my freshman 50 no doubt. not 15, 50.

i remember all through school just wanting to be done with it and ready to start my life.. all that mish-mo. i still want to, im just scared out of my mind. its not that bad. just college. but im gonna miss seeing my family everyday. my mom telling me to get out of her bed since i watch tv in it everyday. reading and having my dad come into my room and turning the light off to save electricity and getting ticked at it. my little sister sneaking into my room when she thinks im not looking to try on my clothes. my moms hilarious days peppered with random priceless quotes that make me and chelle laugh way way hard..where she then replies with.. 'do not repeat me!! ever!!' . my dogs stupid expression on his face when one of us gets home. making my dad laugh out of embarassment in church and my mom get angry because i'm being noisy. probably hitting one of my sisters. or talking in my retarded voice that always wins their hearts. :)

huzzah for growing up i guess. im gonna have to try way hard in college. but im still going to be immature and try to make ihop let me order off the kids menu by talking in a retarded voice and crossing my eyes in hopes of winning. (and im still claiming my seat at the dinner table when i come home, snitches.)


Dallas and Amylee said...

College isn't that bad- when you come home you get really spoiled and everyone acts like it's Christmas because they miss you so much. You can do no wrong :o)

Kristin May said...

Hahaha. I miss our house. You will be fine. But DON'T MISS CLASS EVERRRRR! or you will flunk out of college like me (almost). I was lucky they let me drag my A back to school the next fall. Go to class. THAT's NOT A REQUESSSSSSST! (beast voice)

It's ME! said...

You'll do great, buhcole. I miss home too. Like Kristin said, go to class. Because unlike High School, it costs freakin money. Don't get stressed out. Youll do great.

I miss ozzie's face too.

Andra said...

I am proud of you for moving out and on with your life. There many more lives for you to touch and you can't do that laying in your moms bed watching TV. Go out and kick some ass!
I love you always . . .

Talley Family said...

Nicole -
Funny blog. You are a good writer :)
Thanks for checking my blog/facebook out and for the nice comment.
Best of luck at college. I am sure you will be an immature grown up.