Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i'll update soon.

um.. so i have alot to say. but not alot of time soooo i'll sum it up and write a fatty blog later.

1. i love college. 4564782x better than highschool
2. describing yourself in college as 'lazy' is not smart when your college professor hardly knows english and didnt understand that i really meant 'sleepy' so i was sure to say that quickly after my idiotic mistake. (she move from chiner two week ago. not no english and she professor.)
3. frozen dollar dinners at wallyworld make the world go round.
4. walking to campus in the dead heat gives you the sweats
5. zout is my new best friend considering i spill on myself at least everyday. (thanks ma.)

ps.. im bringing home all my laundry this weekend. all of it...thanks.

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