Monday, December 15, 2008

happy christmas break.

i was at a work party with my good friend matt...and as he was silently telling me the dirt on everyone.. "thats jose, he looks like hes eighteen but he's forty.. thats chuck and his socially awkward wife cindy... he smells so dont even walk by him.. and thats monte, the crazy 70 year old guy who brings in candy to work." then i hear monte and his wife discussing some novel made into a movie... and someone said,
"monte, you saw that chick flick, twilight!?"
then looked at us with crazy eyes, pumped his fist in the air and laughed hysterically as he said..
"i saw it twice, and i'll see it again a hoohahahaohaohahHAAA!!!!"
it reminded me of the crazy hispanic grandpa off the proud family.
his wife was absolutely beaming, as if she'd done her job perfectly.

anyways, merry christmas. enjoy.

p.s... does anyone think he looks like a mix between 'data' off star trek and al borland?


Shelby LaNece said...


That is the best movie I have ever seen, of all times. I can't even describe to you the merriment it brought me.

When he said he was leaving, she did the absolute DEAD RINGER of Bella. Oh, Nicole Booth, you delight me.

Truly. What a gift.

Tami said...


Anonymous said...

My sis sent me that video... so so funny. ha ha ha Makes me happy.

Dallas and Amylee said...