Tuesday, December 30, 2008

happy birthday, sweet nineteen.

december 29...
alas, the day has come where i turn 19. ten years ago i was nine. ten years more and i'll be 29. however, i still feel like i'm five. and my family would agree i act like i'm five, as well.

i had a wonderful, wonderful day today. i usually cry every year on my birthday, because some misfortunate event happens. a break up....a fight... whatever it is, i end up crying. so, hoping for a better day.......i crossed my fingers the night before.

i slept in to my hearts content and it was great. woke up at two... watched some tv..announced to the household it was my birthday.. showered.. got ready..presents..dinner..movie.. the highlights definitely were as follows though:

first of all, while opening presents, i realized i got everything i wanted...some without even telling my mom. wow. yeah. sweet man. righteous. happy birthday to me.

the birthday dinner to olive garden was especially entertaining. everyone had about 5 rounds of salad and bread sticks, and a wonderful dinner peppered with booth family hilarity. the conversation topic varied from burglaries throughout the past, to a poor man at the airport who i encountered....who didn't realize that he still had the tissue on his face, from his cut he recieved while shaving that morning. when my family is all together, they usually get really embarrassed of me and my comments...and ask themselves where i came from...but it was my birthday today, so pretty much anything i said, had to fly. because all day i used the term, "its my birthday."

seeing a few birthday cakes and hearing the olive garden staff sing its sweet song to other partying guests, made me want some of that glorious birthday cake. so, i made my dad tell the waittress that it was my birthday. of course, i was very excited to recive a free slice of chocolate cheesecake. little did i know what i was in for.

they brought out of the kitchen, about 3 people to sing. and a candle. a lone, single candle, stuck in a flimsy straw. oh but dont worry, they let me hold it. then, after their song, they took it away. i expected more of you olive garden. thanks for nothing.

anyway, after dinner we proceeded on our way back to kaysville. but, my dad, having parked on an inclined hill, seemed to realize that we were sort of stuck, nose first between some snow and the curb. he of course made everyone get out, and a few people push while he revved that big red minivans engine and tried to back out, fighting with gravity. while this episode was taking place, the whole right side of olive gardens customers dining at this huge window, were staring out at us, laughing hysterically at our situation. yes, we got out. and yes, i hope they enjoyed the sight of 6 giggling women at their frustrated driver.

then i went to the movies with my bff christy. we saw...the curious case of benjamin button...that one movie with hot brad pitt in it. umm, i'll let you see that and then tell me what you think. but lets just say, it was curious. but he is definately not ugly.

i had a wonderful birthday. got wonderful birthday wishes. happy nineteenth. no tears. no fights. no breakups. just spending time with the people i love :)

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Dallas and Amylee said...

Happy Birthday cute girl! I'm glad you made some very fabulous memories. OG is always a good choice.