Wednesday, November 26, 2008

mmm thanksgiving

i didnt realize how much i truly appreciate my home until i left. i didnt know i'd miss it so much!! i didnt know i'd miss driving down main street and passing the library and little tiny theater.. i didnt know i'd miss having my dad walk in everyday from work asking me what i learned in school that day.. or i didnt know i'd miss walking in the door and telling my dog to shut up. hahahah. i didnt know i'd miss early morning family prayer either! (i actually was pretty positive i wouldnt miss that. but i do.) i love being home. i love the feeling i get when im in kaysville. i love seeing old friends and hugging them tight and getting flashbacks of laughing so hard we could have died. good times.

i love coming home and doing anything i can for my mom while she's sick. she's devoted her whole life to her kids, and now its finally our turn to take care of her. she is such a strong woman... i look up to her more than anyone. im so greatful that chemotherapy exists. even though its so hard to see my mom sick, i know she is getting better. im so glad doctors are so smart. my mom is amazing.

i love the holidays so i can stuff my face with my family and sit around our kitchen table. im so thankful for so many things. heres a few...
-my family. my dad is the hardest working man i know and my mom is the most self-less person on this planet. my sisters are my best friends...basically, family is everything to me.
-the gospel. where would i be without it?
-my home. the happiest place on earth. (disney land has nothin on us booths.)
-education.i never wanted to go to college growing up. ever ever. im the laziest person ever. but i knew that when i decided to go, i was so lucky that i actually had a chance to further my education. "the only thing you can take with you from your time here on earth, is knowledge"
-a free country. we can worship how we want, live how we want, choose what we want, express ourselves how we want, become anything we want.. God bless America. Seriously.
-good friends. this year, i've learned that alot of friends come and go. but everyone who has came into my life has been there for a reason. i know i've found some life long friendships though. i've been influenced by so many people, and i'm so thankful i've had the friendships i've had. "its not about who you've known the longest, its about who came into your life and never left." That quote seems to get me by lately.

there is sooo much more. i'd go on about this forever if i could. life sucks alot of the time.. but when i step back and look at what i have, i feel so blessed. i'm a lucky girl.

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Dallas and Amylee said...

You are indeed a lucky girl.
I'm thankful for you.