Saturday, November 29, 2008

visit to the grandparents...

we went to the grandparents house last night..andddd it was one of the funnier visits. my grandma and grandpa knew eachother when they were little kids, so they grew up together. they dated in highschool then got married after that.... but hearing the stories that they tell about eachother are priceless. especially when my grandma adds in snippy little comments that my grandpa ignores with a wave of the hand. gotta love it. also gotta love when my grandpa talks about those "evil left wing commies".

grandma: "You were meaner than tar when you were a little boy!!!"
(grandpa thinks for a moment with a smile on his face.)
grandpa: ".... i was." (belly laugh)


when asked to grandpa... "who was your first girlfriend?"
his reply..
"Grade school i was smitten with Sally Hawkins. She lived in Edgemont so it went nowhere. In the 7th grade, it was Bonnie Evans. She moved. No one serious after that till Mary. We sat next to eachother in Iva Reynolds english class."
(if you know my grandpa.. somehow thats funnier.)

(my grandma claims he started pulling her pig tails in class...but grandpa denies it. then they later fell in love. Gilbert Blithe anyone?) cuuuute old people!

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