Monday, November 24, 2008

okay okay, twilight.

so yes, its time. i'm going to take down my wall of half fake embarassment and talk about this.
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i read twilight a few years ago annnnd was super stoked that there was a movie coming out. in fact, my sisters and i would sometimes twi-stalk on the internet, finding out new details about it. we were stoked to see how this amazing teenage-hearthrob book would come out on the big screens. since everyone has done this, i'll do it as well.

what i liked about this movie..

-Jasper Cullen may be the funniest movie character ever. edward scissor hands anyone? i did not picture him like this. and laughed my arse off at him. probably the best character ever.

-How edward would laugh at the people's thoughts around him. "Money.. sex... money.. cat.." CAT!? hahahahhaha i laughed out loud for five minutes after he showed the creepy mans face thinking 'cat'.

-Edward in his ray ban sunglasses... when he puts his arm around bella and lets her know 'i'm going to hell anyways..' loved it. probably most in love with him at that moment.

-Baseball scene.. not as cheesy as i thought it'd be. i liked it. there.

-fricking mike and eric. they were hilarious.

-Charlie having about 3647238x more awkward moments in the movie with bella, than in the book.

-The biology scene when edward first sees bella. he almost vomited. hahahhahahaha stinky bella.

-Claire de Lune. (yes britt, my fav too :) )

what i didn't like..

-Edwards sparkly skin and him jumping around like Zaboomafoo the leamer. in the book it doesnt seem so goofy somehow.. but when put on screen.. i couldnt stop laughing.

-How they left out some of the cutest parts. like when edward and bella kissed by the jeep. or how bella and jacob didnt sit at their spot on the beach. how will they do it in the next movie now that they left it out!? but hey, what can ya do.

-The vampires hilarious run. a 'moon run' if you will. hahahahah just seeing their legs killed me. (thank you megan for laughing hysterically with me in the theater)

-they seemed to fall in love too fast. and bella didnt seem like she loved him.

-Jacob's 5 dollar wig he probably bought at 'Honks Dollar Store'.

-How bella smiled maybe ONCE in the whole movie.

-Edwards creepy stare he did too much. he needed to look at her more tenderly, please...even though he wanted to kill her. come on. too much creepy stare-age rob.

-How bella said she 'wasnt afraid', but looked like she wanted to crap her pants in the woods.

-stephanie being in the movie? awk.

if you've read all of this.. (kirk, brit, amylee, shleby, tami and probably kristin too... you are so twi-hardish.) i hope i'll like it more the second time. they did only have 36 mil budget. but oh well.


Brittany Theora said...

hahhahhahahaha NICOLE. i laughed for so long about zooboomafoo the leamer. and i too laughed aloud in the theater at how ridiculous the running and jumping was. hahhaha. oooh you.

Dallas and Amylee said...

Hey, you should have had incredibly low expectations like I did. :o)
Jasper was a joke- are you kidding me???
Couldn't handle the running and the tree hopping.
Jacob Black is going to be HOT with short hair. Hot. If this baby's a boy I'm naming him Jacob Black Nicoll. Not really.

cole linnae said...

i know. hahahaha. jasper was a joke! thats why i loved it. i pictured him much more manly and less morgue-ish

Anonymous said...

It's SO much better the second time. so much. Just relish the twilight drama. ha ha and I loved the scenery and music. you forgot about that... and yes I agree with changing the running slightly and making the sparkle more prominent. The next movie (which was announced) should have about an 80 mil budget. So problem solved. PS I loved the Edward and Bella. great.

Shelby LaNece said...

Stephenie Meyers was in the movie?!

When? I missed it. BAHAHAHAHAHAH PAHAHAHA BahahahahHAHAHAAhaha.
What part?!

Tami said...

HAHAHA. Edward really was zaboomafu, but that part was cheezy in the book to me, also, so it wasn't a shock to see it be cheezy on screen. Also, jacob's wig?! What the eff, david blaine? I mean, I know you had a low budget, but that wig seriously cost less than 20 dollars.

Oh my gosh I"m so excited for new moon!! yee haw.

cole linnae said...

stephenie pulled an m. knight was in the cafe.

Christy Marie said...

hahaha oh man...i had headphones in while i was reading this in the when I started laughing really hard..I didn't realize how loud I was being. And now I'm embarrassed. BUT not as embarrassed as I was in the theater after I had wasted like 2 hours of my life watching this movie. Hahaha oh my heck, this movie was...awesome. My favorite quotes: "this is the skin of a killer bella!!!!" (in a super dramatic, angry voice) and ofcourse, "you better hole on tight little spider monkey" (said as seductively as possible. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I love twilight.

Christy Marie said...

or maybe it was hold on tight? yeah...pretty sure...

cole linnae said...

hahahahahhahah. my favorite was james sniffing the air like a bear. haahhah. ps christy. go read kristins blog about it. youll pee.