Thursday, May 22, 2008


20 Years Ago
i wasnt even alive.

10 Years Ago
i was 8 years old. i know right. i was in Mrs. Perez's third grade class and definately was the teachers pet. i'd write poems and give them to mrs prerez, but i entitled them, "to the class", so really i just wanted her to read them out loud so all my other friends would be jealous of my poetry writing skills. and i was super fat.

5 Years Ago
i was thirteen. in the seventh grade i believe? yes i think so. i had just met my two best friends in jr high, brooke and christy, and was coming out of my shell. i was hott stuff in jr high, and had a boyfriend, whom now is referred to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

1 Year Ago
i was seventeen, finishing up jr year. i had absolutely no love interests, and those were the days where all of my friends got along. now its a battle ground. and some of us arent on speaking terms anymore. sad. also that summer i had the best job of my life, a nurse's assistant at the hospital. i love people with alzhimers.

So far this Year
I've been in advanced theater, and got closer to my two new sisters, alexa and natalee falk. advanced theater has changed my life, and i've met so many people because of it. i've dated a few people here and there, but i must say this is the last time i'll ever date anyone younger than me. ever. i figured out where im going to college and starting off on a new road.

i was up late writing. oh and also, finishing the rest of harry potter six, my new obsession. i need to start book seven. yesterday i was really emotional and ate all the chocolate i could find in my house... i ran some pictures to this mans house for a macbeth poster we are getting a teacher, and then i sobbed about how theater is about to end.

This Year
i will start USU in august. also, i'll attend two of my very best friends weddings.

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Ill have you know you are added to my blog page as a friend link... consider yourself very lucky. ha ha much love..