Sunday, June 1, 2008


so finally, after 12 years im done with public schooling. i've had senioritis since the seventh grade, and have been itching to graduate for years.

wooooot. i have to say, i wont miss davis high, except for a few things.

1. Advanced theater. this class changed my life.

2. School friends. the ones you know you'll never see again, but have a ton of inside jokes with and you know you couldnt survive that history class without them

3. Getting ready for dances and feeling pretty for a night.

The things i wont miss, are immature boys and ratty girls. On senior night, when the all night party was over, a few of the boys whom i loathe entirely, began to chant. you know those chants that go like... "lancers suck (clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)" or "Warm up the bus! (clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)" (yeah.. those chants were at our basketball games...) well, as we were leaving, a few of the chants went like this. "gotta delay my mission...(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)" or "I need to talk to my bishop...(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)" ...

i know right. whats sad, is i used to know these kids and was friends with them up until highschool arrived. im just sad that that is what highschool did to them... what i wont miss..

1. People making fun of the different kids at the school
2. The clicks with their names that they make people refer to them to.
3. Chants.
4. Dirty things you hear in the hallway
5. The 1400 hall jam where all the jocks sit on the steps so you cant get to your class
6. The fakeness of girls when they say "omgosh i havnt seen you forever! girl we need to hang out. call me forreal!" then they turn around and say mean things about you to their friends, about 3 feet away.
7. Hearing about the abortions that go on
8. Pulling all nighters because you procrastinate and feeling like shiz in the morning
9. Dirty looks from girls who hate you
10. Whispers and rumors
11. Parties where you walk in the room and you know that 'your click' wasnt invited
12. People bringing other people down to make themselves look cool.
13. Certain boys throwing snowballs at your car and trying to trip all the girls in the hall.

i dont hate highschool... okay well maybe a little. but im so glad its over, it just wasnt for me. i met some amazing people and made lifelong friendships, and thats the one thing that matters. i had teachers change my life... Andra Thonrne and Corbin Talley. All i know is that im done with highschool and ready to start my life, no matter how scary the future seems.

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