Wednesday, June 11, 2008


i just remembered this.

when i was frantically shopping for cameras last week, an old man in a jazzy came up behind my while i was examining some sony cameras. i turned around, and he was dressed in tan pants from the 60s way too tight for him, (kinda like my great uncle kents) and a blue trucker hat. he stopped his jazzy and said,
"thats a nice camera.."
i smiled...
"not for me though, i like my fuji!!!"
and he looked straight ahead,i swear he crouched his head down like he was racing, and zoomed away. i dont know why this was so funny to me, but it was. it reminded me of that commercial of that old woman in the grand canyon spinning in her jazzy, saying with an echo,
"JAZZY! JAZZY! jazzy! jazzy!!!"
Old Man

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Kristin May said...

its actually 13 years if you count kindergarten. A lot of good that school did you..