Tuesday, May 6, 2008

tetherballs and fish.

so today during childcare, we took a little walk to the park. after telling the children not to pick up the rolly pollies, and to get off peoples lawns, we arrived at the playground. one of the little girls, jackie, went over to the tether balls and started playing. i played with her, and remembered how awesome i used to be. i hit it, and it accidentally hit her in the head. when i walked away, i looked back and saw her purposefully hitting herself in the head with the tether ball, and giggling at herself. when i went back, she told me to 'do a high one'. so i then proceeded to do an illegal bottle cap. yes, they are illegal in the game of tetherball. sure enough, it brought me back to the days of glenmoor elementary. i remember many times getting hit in the face, and running to the school nurse, Mrs. Dung, for ice (seriously.) when really it didnt even hurt that bad, it really just was a slap in the face and a hard hit to my 8 year old ego. i just wanted to ice bag to suck on because it was hot outside.

also, today i went fishing with my best friend alexa. she caught 6, and i caught 4. all of a sudden out of nowhere, come two attractive cowboys, when sure enough, i catch another one. as their horses are approaching, im reelin it in hard but am trying not to fall in. as they come by, they say, "we can wait.." and i stupidly say, "oh its ok dont worry about it." then they said.. "umm watch out.. your fish is tangled.." i look over, and my line is caught in a little bush, with my fish tangled up and banging its head on the sticks. embarassing, i know. even more embarassing though, was when a few fisherman asked me what bait i used, but i didnt hear them, so i just said. "we caught ten." then they repeated the question, which i didnt hear, and said, "rainbow." they looked at me awkwardly, and i said, "K have fun BYE!"

embarassing moments define my life.


Kristin May said...

I'm seriously crying with laughter.

Kristin May said...

Also, remember how i got a mouth guard... just so I could play tetherball? Because I was a freak and had braces in the third grade.

Tamalyn Kay said...

I was already crying/laughing/wheezing when I finished reading your blog, and clicked the comment button. After reading Kris's comment, I can't stop making those weird wheezy noises mom makes when she laughs.

Shelby LaNece said...

Hahahahh. Nicoooole.

I can't even describe how much I love you.

Like, seriously.

Nothing could be better than looking retarded in front of hot cowpokes.