Friday, February 13, 2009

ode to mom and dad & thirty years ago, today

today is my mom's last chemo round. i can't tell you how happy i am...this is a monumental day people! this is the last time she'll ever (cross your fingers) have to go and get pumped full of those 3 expensive bags of medicine. (which we calculated.. are like liquid gold. the bags are like worth.. $27,000 or something. sweet.) Anyways, she's a fighter and has miraculously has not only carried herself through this, but the rest of her family as well. she is the most amazing woman i've ever known in my entire life and will know in my entire life, and i'm not just saying that because she's my mom. she is my rock. she would seriously do anything for her kids...heaven knows how many times she's had to calm me down from uncontrollable crying..mostly due to breakups. she knows exactly what to say, every time. she says the funniest things ever..and she doesnt even know she's funny, thats the best part about it. she makes jokes about her wigs, and doesnt complain near enough for being a cancer patient. we were talking about it the other day, and she said...
"don't worry honey, i'm not going to die. i have too much genealogy to do."

it was my pops birthday yesterday.... 51! i totally thought he was 54 for some reason. myyyyy bad. i dont tell my dad near as much how much i appreciate him as i ought to. hes basically super dad, and once again, im not just saying that because he's my dad. he basically built our whole house in california, he can put back together any engine, he can take apart and fix computers, make something broken work, kill spiders, does a mean job of mowing the lawn.. etc. and the thing is, he is not a contractor, mechanic, or exterminator for that matter. my dad just does not rest. he IS the energizer bunny. even on holidays.. you will not see him lounging around. he will be outside working on something until my mom yells for him to wash his hands and come in for dinner. he just doesnt stop. i can't believe how blessed i am to have such hard working parents.

my parents have raised 5 daughters in the church and continually bless us everyday. I'm so grateful i was raised in the gospel and have my parent's testimonies to look up to. my mom is a breast cancer survivor, and my dad is a survivor of living with six women. huzzah. happy last chemo day mom, and happy late birthday dad! bri and share forreevvahh!

p.s. this was the best thing i heard all day....

mom: "me and your dad had our first kiss, thirty years ago, today."



steve groch. said...

Awwwww, I miss the Booths. Seriously. Your parents really are great, and I'm less biased than you, although maybe a little still. And living with 6 girls your dad is going to get some kind of Medal in heaven. And together they've done a pretty dang good job raising you crazy kids. SUSHI!

Anonymous said...

nicole. that is absolutely fantastic. I'm so happy for you and your mom. I still remember that day in Shakespeare, when you found out. Two strong women:)

cole linnae said...

glad you were there kirky.
lovee youuu