Wednesday, May 13, 2009

long day on the farm.

today was a rough day. my days are running together ever since i started doing overnight shifts...(i will have many stories up about work very soon. they are worth reading, i promise.)
i got home from work at 6 in the morning, and got a few hours of sleep before i was off to my friends house to babysit her siblings.
i babysat 7 of the most lovable little kids ever. and i got told by one of them(who used to adore me)... a sassy, adorable three year old, that she didn't like me because i was ugly. she elaborated and said.. 'moles on your face..and PONYTAIL always...' and then she said something that i cannot write. it was so obscene... so hilarious...she mixed up the word 'freckles' with something else. told me to cut them off. hahahhahaha.
i then took my hair down and put on some cover-up that i had in my purse. she was much nicer to me after fixing myself up, giving her gum, painting her nails and toes, making her dinner, and taking her to the park.


today, the 2 year old, told me that a 'bubble bath' was correctly pronnounced, 'boobleh bath'.
boobleh bath...Bublé bath... i think i'll refer to them as Bublé baths now..

hmm. after a hard day, at least i know my man won't let me down. Off to Bublé land with Mandy the ipod. goodnight.


Kristin May said...

HAHAHA I ROFLed when I read this. Because I really was laying on the floor when I read it. "Moles on your face... a PONYTAIL always..."
hahahahahahahahaha. I can just picture her little voice sassing you.

cole linnae said...

it seriously hurt my feelings. but i was okay cuz when i left she cried and wanted to come with me. bless her sassy heart.