Sunday, August 1, 2010


so i havent blogged in a while.
maybe its because i've had a life as of late? maybe.

wellllll. heres whats up. i came home from hawaii a bit early... their mom had to go to bermuda, so the kids went to the mainland to their grandparents house for two weeks. so i got to come home early :) yes..'got to'...i missed everyone so much. and i can't tell you how happy i am to be home and not watching Sid the Science kid.. or curious george.. or martha speaks..mannnn. i forgot how annoying those theme songs get. what ever happened to arthur? those were the days. when 'gogurts' didn't exist, and only peanut butter sammys on wheat bread existed.

saying bye was a wee bit sad..but hey. i'll never have to catch them peeing in inappropriate places again. yahtzee.

today we went boating with the fam... all of us are lobsters.

also did the obligatory family photos in between thunder storms..mostly i just put up the silly ones.

we're about to nom on cafe rio now. jackie and georgie are here. andrew too. :)

its a good life.

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