Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bay Area livin!

okay so.... i dont have a laptop. because i am poor. so this is why i never blog. but i CAN mooch off my sisters lappy late at night...so i'm gonna try to blog more often. its also nice because i can finally actually say where i am and what im doing without being scared i'm gonna be confronted out of the blue by a crazy person.

SOOOOO: my life.....
im in danville watching my adorbs nephew..and he is the best. everyday i love him more and more. the sun here is amazing...it boosts my mood like you wouldnt believe. layin by the pool in january is like... jigga whaaaat! also, there are a lot of rich people here. when i go on walks, i see everyone driving like.. mercedes and jaguires and im like..heyyy i drive an oshkosh stroller whadduppppp

i went to dinner with a friend on friday..and it was so nice to have a social life again! he is adorable. and hilarious. and afterwards we went to a YSA regional activity and lolled our butts off. i think i'm gonna do that more often.

on saturday i explored San Fransisco with beana and spencer...it was unreal. blue skies, 65 degrees...it was an instant dose of happy.

our day consisted of:

-driving with the windows down on the bay bridge looking at allll the sailboats in the bay
-going to treasure island and seeing the whole city
-getting some clam chowder in bread bowls at the wharf... (saw live crabs at the resturant and it freaked me right out)
-went to go see the disgusting barking seals soaking up the rays on pier 39
-drove through china town during chinese new year!
-saw all the adorbs shops in little italy
-went to ocean beach and sat on the dunes and listened to the waves. heaven.
-hiked up a little trail at mile rock beach to the beautiful look out spots
-went to union square and went in Saks 5th avenue for the first time ever..never felt so poor in my life.... (found a dress on sale for 3500 dollars. kewl.)
-ate at an authentic viatnamese place in the city and had Pho for the first time. (pronnounced fuh, so you can imagine how much fun i had saying it to the waitress)
-walked around the little shops at night..it reminded me so much of new york
-saw sooo many streetside performers (and smelled a lot of weed)
-made our way over to girhidelli square at night for dessert. it was amazing

pictures to come.

over and out, readers.


kenzis said...

hahahahahah i drive oshkosh stroller...love.

Rhea Booth said...

I dream about having good pho again. The stuff around Pullman is laaaaaame. I'm pretty sure I'll think of you saying "fuh" when we get some in Bham this weekend :) Aaaaand I'm so excited you're having fun in San Fran! My mom grew up there and we did a little trip down there on spring break a couple years ago. Oh the nasty fat seals. Good times :)