Friday, August 21, 2009

College in 3..2..1..

So let me just sum up my summer.
2.lay out
4.go on trips
6.lay in bed with ma shorts
9.awkward homecomings
10.watching stars and swimmin

so long summer. sophomore year hear i come. lets hope for a good year, ya? good gpa and a significant other? maybe. lets NOT hope for a marriage happy weirdo and a drama filled apartment.

note to self: writing a missionary for 2 years means NOTHING when they come home. just fyi.

Goooooo Aggies!


jackie herself said...

what is "good gpa?" ps...writing a missionary might mean something if you only write one at a time. just sayin. =)

Kristin May said...

Jackie, it means good grandpa. Because GPA wouldn't make sense.

Nicole: what have I been telling you about writing missionaries my whole life? Its okay. Mine got worms.

cole linnae said...

yes i want a good grandpa? correction..good Grade Point Average. my apologies miss bootz.


Shelby LaNece said...

What the? Missionaries suck.

I'm never writing anyone ever. If they want, they can write ME. And if I feel like it, I'll send back an envelope with one word answers. Like an annoying text.

And so on.
You know?

Kristin May said...

hahahahahah shelby. i just started laughing out loud.

Rachel Nell said...

Not gonna lie, I read to myself as grandpa before I realized that couldn't be it...