Sunday, August 16, 2009

rip. my. heart. out.

once upon a time, there was a girl named jane austen.

she liked to read, but most of all she loved to write.

along came a handsome boy that she absolutely fell in love with.

they had planned to be married.

conflicts arose, but somehow, they would end up being together. they were soul mates.


She became an old maid with bags under her eyes and he married another woman.

oh but dont worry, named his daughter after his only true love; Jane.



Jesse & Katie said...

hey - i'm one of Tami's good friends. and I was on her blog and then came across yours. I looked at it and couldn't stop reading it!! (sorry, i guess this makes me a creeper. lol) that story about your cna patients is so cute. I almost cried. your blog is really fun to read...and i may just come stalk you again sometime :) haha. ps i'm katie and my blog is - in case you ever wanna read something pretty boring haha

cole linnae said...

haha thank you katie!

Kristin May said...

You got a little overwhelmed with emotion in the last couple of paragraphs. She did not become a widow... she became an old maid..

Kristin May said...
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cole linnae said...

did i say widow? im SORRY! i couldnt think straight through the TEARS.

Tami said...

Hi Kate!

Nicole - It was bittersweet! I thought it was beautiful. And true. But I also like depressing romance, so I guess I should have warned you.

BEANA said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ah ha h ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.. i love that you are distort by this movie. I just love it. Except for the ending.