Friday, October 23, 2009

And the tool award goes to..

Jersey Joe!!

So there he was.. perched in a position straight out of a bad 40's mystery movie. i'm surprised he didnt have a fidora on and spyglass in hand.

He was leaning up against the counter.. one leg crossed over the other, leaning on his elbow, head tilted to the side. As i washed dishes at the ward activity.. WARD ACTIVITY i tell you..i hear this:

Joe: So.. are those jeans from buckle?
Me: ..Walmart.
Joe: Oh.
Me: I shop there.
Joe: Oh.. well uh, these are from buckle. (checks himself out)
Me: (blank stare with long, angry pause)........Was that SERIOUSLY your pick up line?

really!? if you're going to hit on me, don't EVER do the leg-crossed-head-tilted-leaning-on-the-counter move. and don't EVER use a pick up line about where i got my jeans EVER again. Congratulations Joe from New Jersey, you have just proved yourself 100% stupid and a total tool.

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