Saturday, October 10, 2009


Somedays i think its funny that i didn't end up goin to byu. only somedays. because wait.. let me just tell you.

As i was walking to math, i took a shortcut through the tsc (taggart student center) and was USU's 'coming out' day. you know, coming out of the closet. No no, not that little closet that harry potter spent the first 11 years of his life in. THE GAY CLOSET. All i will say was.. there was a microphone that people could walk up to...and say,(and i quote..) 'I'm matthew and i'm a homosexual male!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOH!' and then roars i tell you, ROARS of cheers and applause would follow from the crowd, clad in rainbow tights, drowning out the blasting music.. 'i'm comin out.. i want the world to know..' oh what a sight. God bless em.

Please don't get me wrong. I am not judging. I love people and respect their choices..(ross the intern may just be my favorite human being on the planet..and Ellen? LOVE her.) i'm just saying, it was QUITE the different scene than it would have been had i chosen a church school. haaaaa. ohhhhh i truly AM the black sheep in my family for choosing USU instead of cougar country. funny. veddy funny.

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