Thursday, September 23, 2010

did i tell you..

i had boy flush luna down the toilet a few weeks ago. she was trying so hard to die.. but just couldnt. i got her 2 different types of beta food and she refused to eat. i even got her a cute little floating lily and a flower plant to go in the bottom of her bowl. still. trying to committ. i couldnt stand her floating to the top and freezing and going back down. i blame it on walmart for keeping her in that little container for so long. sorry luna. you are now with arogog.

also.. friends of the elderly started a few weeks ago. wooooooo. i seriously love it. so so much. i love that johanna cant hear anything we say and she always gets the wrong idea about everything.. i love that colleen makes slightly inappropriate comments to the boys who come to volunteer, and i love jesse and what she said after she played yahtzee.

jesse: we played bingo. i mean. blunko. i mean. blatzee.
me: yahtzee?
jesse: yes! nazi. it was fun.

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